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Bike Art 2000 Afrika

Paa Ya Paa Art Centre



Marco was born in Munich in 1973. After school he went to live in Ireland and Britain, where he was living on a boat for over 12 years.

He studied painting in Cardiff and Falmouth (GB).

In 2000 he was selected for the the UNESCO-Aschberg bursary for a residency at the Paa Ya Paa Art Centre in Nairobi (Kenya).

The resulting work was exhibited at the UN Headquarters in Gigiri.

He then organised BIKE ART AFRIKA with Eva Rønnevig, in which they and 3 local artists cycled from Nairobi to Dar-Es-Salaam (Tanzania). They worked together with the National Museum, and the Nyumba Ya Sanaa (House of Art).

After their return they opened Galerie Lebenskunst (near Munich) together with his brother Roland.

In 2002 Eva and Marco were walking with a mule in the Andes (in Ecuador) for a few months (always with sketch books and musical instruments in their bags).

They then spent some years living on a houseboat in the South-West of Britain, in Cornwall.

There Marco  returned to painting on canvas, after years of exploring metal sculpture, installations, and ornamental photography.

The couple are now based in the South of France, in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

In July 2008 they opened Atelier ArtBonBon in their house near Perpignan.

Marco’s paintings are inspired by his extensive travels, and his passion for different languages, cultures and ways of living.  

His work is exhibited at Galerie Kersten (Munich, Germany), Fire&Iron Gallery (London, UK), Galerie Plurielle (Sète, France), Galerie Hantho (Haugesund, Norway), Métiers d’art St Roch (Céret, France), artAmore (Sitges, Barcelona), The Picture House Galleries (Cornwall, UK),  Atishoo Gallery (Charlestown, UK), and others,

and also at his own Gallery/Studio Atelier Artpunch (Latour-de-France, France)



Marco est né à Munich en 1973. Après école il est allé habiter en Irlande et en Grande-Bretagne. Il a étudié les Beaux-Arts à Cardiff et à Falmouth (GB).

En 2000 il a reçu la bourse d’etude l'UNESCO-Aschberg pour travailler à Nairobi (Kenya). Là il travaillait avec le Musée National, et il a organisé l'ART AFRIKA de VÉLO avec Eva Rønnevig, dans lequel lui et 5 artistes allaient à bicyclette de Nairobi à Dar es Salaam (Tanzanie).

Après son retour il ait ouvert la Galerie Lebenskunst (près de Munich) avec son frère et avec Eva, et ait puis passé quelques années vivant sur une péniche dans Cornouailles.

Il est maintenant installé dans le sud de la France, dans les Fenouilledes proche de Perpignan.

Ses peintures sont inspirées par ses voyages étendus, et sa passion pour différentes langues, cultures et modes de vie. Il y a d'abondance de couleurs lumineuses mises sur la toile dans de nombreuses couches minces et épaisses, tout liées par une ligne blanche débordante.

Les tableaux montrent des moments de bonheur dans un monde global :

Un frigo, un portable, et un ordinateur se reposant autour d'un feu de camp confortable.

Les solos de trompette, les aventures de cyclisme, les parties fortes. Les vignes dansent, un sanglier joue l'accordéon…

Aventura Artistica Ecuador

Galerie Lebenskunst

Exhibitions/ Expositions

2014Galerie Zeitgeist, Nuremberg (Germany)

Galerie Impasto, Oslo (Norway)

Galerie Kersten, Munich (Germany)

Galerie Hantho, Haugesund (Norway)

2013Hotel de Ville Oberhaching, Munich (Germany)

Galerie Plurielle, Sète (France)

Galerie Kersten, Munich (Germany)

Galerie Hantho, Haugesund (Norway)

2012Galerie Impasto, Oslo (Norway)

Metiers d’Art St Roch, Cérét (France)

Galerie Kersten, Munich (Germany)

Galerie Hantho, Haugesund (Norway)

Galerie Plurielle, Sète (France)

2011Galleri Impasto, Oslo (Norway)

Dock Sud, Sète (France)

Galerie Kersten, Munich (Germany)

Galleri Hantho, Haugesund (Norway)

Galerie Plurielle, Sète (France)

Agithé, Le Barcarès (France)

Galerie des deux clochers,

St Génis-des-Fontaines (France)

2010Galleri Impasto, Oslo (Norway)

Metiers d’Art St Roch, Cérét (France)

Galerie Kersten, Munich (Germany)

Smia Galleri, Oslo (Norway)

Maria Dos, Cérét (France)

The Front Falmouth (UK)

Le Violon Vert, Le Faouet (France)

2009      Galerie Kersten, Munich (Germany)

Metiers d’Art St Roch, Cérét (France)

Centre d’Art Contemporaine,

Gruissan (France)

              Office de Tourisme, Cucugnan (France)

              Petite Galerie, Cascastel (France)

2008      Opening of Atelier ArtBonBon,

              Tuchan (France)

Metiers d’Art St Roch, Cérét (France)

Galerie Profils, Collioure (France)

              Domaine de Rolland, Tuchan (France)

Galerie Lebenskunst, Munich (Germany)

Fête des Peintres,

St. Rémy-de-Provence (France)

2007      Galerie Lebenskunst, Munich (Germany)

Pihl & Pihl, Fjenneslev (Denmark)

Le Violon Vert, Le Faouet (France)

Picture House Galleries, Cornwall (UK)

Demelza’s Gallery, Falmouth (UK)

Cofro, Mevagissey (UK)

2006      Royal Cornwall Hospital, Truro (UK)

Waterfront, Falmouth (UK)

Picture House Galleries, Cornwall (UK)

Cofro, Mevagissey (UK)

Demelza’s Gallery, Falmouth (UK)

Crow’s Nest Gallery, Cornwall (UK)

2005      Picture House Galleries, Cornwall (UK)

Cofro, Mevagissey (UK)

Columbia Road Gallery, London (UK)

Demelza’s Gallery, Falmouth (UK)

Galerie Lebenskunst, Munich (Germany)

2004      Falmouth Arts Centre (UK)

“Last Christmas I gave you my Art”

              Galerie Lebenskunst, Munich (Germany)

2003 Galerie Lebenskunst, Munich (Germany)

2002 Galleri Iskunst, Oslo (Norway)

Galerie Lebenskunst, Munich (Germany)

2001  Galerie Lebenskunst, Munich (Germany)

Opening, with Evanson Kangethe

2000 Nyumba Ya Sanaa (House of Art), Dar-Es-Salaam (Tanzania)

Final exhibition of Bike Art 2000 Afrika

         Kikuyu Homestead Garden, National Museum, Nairobi (Kenya)

Flagging off show, Bike Art 2000 Afrika

         Goethe Institut, Nairobi (Kenya)

“Worlds together, worlds apart”, with Wanjohi Nyamu

        UN Headquarters, Gigiri, Nairobi (Kenya)

Opening, with Evanson Kangethe

1999  Camden Lock Market, London (UK)

Volapuek Kultursenter, Oslo (Norway)

Candid Gallery, London (UK)

1991-1999 various exhibitions in Germany, Ireland, U.K.

Public & Private Collections, Permanent Exhibitions

Since 2010 Galerie Impasto Art, Oslo (Norway)


Since 2009  Metiers d’Art St Roch, Cérét (France)

                            Galerie Kersten, Munich (Germany)

                            Toulouges Prix Public, (France)

Since 2007  ErsteEtage, Munich (Germany)

                            Teknos (Denmark)

                            Dyrup (Denmark)

                            J. Tham, Cornwall (U.K.)

Since 2006  The Front, Falmouth (U.K.)

Since 2005  Picture House Galleries, Cornwall (U.K.)

Cofro, Mevagissey(U.K)

Since 2003Demelza’s Gallery, Falmouth(U.K)

2002-05Town Council House Oberhaching, Munich (Germany)

Since 2001  Galerie Lebenskunst, Munich (Germany)

Since 1999  Fire & Iron Gallery, London (U.K.)

1999- 2004  Maverick’s Restaurant,Falmouth (U.K.)

Adventure Art Projects

2002        Aventura Artistica

Walking with a mule through the Andes in Ecuador, together with E. Rønnevig

2001        Bike Art Germany

Cycling from Munich (Germany) to Oslo (Norway).

Exhibitions and music performances on the way

2000        BIKE ART 2000 AFRIKA

Cycling from Nairobi (Kenya) to Dar-Es-Salaam (Tanzania)

Exhibitions and music performances on the way (Moshi, Arusha, Weru-Weru, Kitengela, Bagamoyo, etc)

Bursaries, Prizes

2009  Prix Public, Concours de Peinture, Toulouges, (France)

2000Artist in Residence at Paa Ya Paa Art Center, Nairobi (Kenya)

under UNESCO-Aschberg bursaries for artists programme


1995-1998        BA(Hons) Fine Art (Painting) at Falmouth College of Arts

1994-1999        Foundation Studies at Cardiff Institute for Higher Education

1990-1992        German Abitur (=A-Levels), Art, Latin, Maths, Geography

Story of my life

1973 Born in Munich (Germany), thanks to my parents. First impression overwhelming.

1974 – 1976 Crying and shouting performances. First experimental playing with shapes and colours.

1977 – 1978 Kindergarten with my mum. Traditional arrangements and installations (castles and cowboys)

1979– 1983 Creative writing, memorising of pictures. Playing with natural materials in forest and garden. Influence and inspiration from mother and grandmother.

1984 – 1992 School. Traditional drawing and art history. Hardly any time to concentrate on my own work.

1992 Abitur, then Ireland adventure. First contact with the big, blue sea. Lots of landscape paintings in Drimnalough, Donegal. Birth of passion for exploring new countries and cultures. 

1993 – 1994 Working at day care centre, Munich. Drawing and playing with disabled kids.

1994 – 1995 Painting in Wales (u.k.), Foundation in art and design in Cardiff IHE. Playing by the cliffs. 

1995 – 1998 Moving to Cornwall. BA (Hons) degree in painting at Falmouth College of Arts. Living on a houseboat. Photographs of water-reflections. Playing with found objects from the beach.

1999 ”flotsam and jetsam”, Cornwall. Living and working in Norway.

Exhibitions in London, Oslo, Munich, and Cornwall.

2000 Living in Kenya. UNESCO-Aschberg bursary, “90 days in the ruins” at Paa Ya Paa art centre.

Organising Bike Art Afrika, cycling from National Museum in Nairobi to the Nyumba ya Sanaa in Dar-es-salaam (Tanzania).

2001 Journey to Spain. Opening Galerie Lebenskunst in Munich with my brother. Winter in Norway.

2002 Walking with a mule in the Andes, Ecuador. Summer in Norway. Moving back to Falmouth. New boat. Painting on maps: “Planet of Friends”.

2003 - 05 Flocks of rusty metal birds. Playing folk music in pubs. Painting flying birds, mainly outside on the quay. New band, new studio. Painting my life in Cornwall. Getting married to my beautiful wife Eva.

2006 Fixing up our boat , the “Ranger of Lune.” Following the migrating birds to the Pyrenees, in autumn.

2007 Three giant steel birds, made in Lamorna. Then art delivery Europe tour.

Cornwall-Munich-Copenhagen-Oslo-Kristiansand-Zurich. And finally back in Southern France for the planting season.

2008 Working on house&land. Eva is pregnant. Opening of Atelier ArtBonBon. Birth of Tamino.

Atelier ArtBonBon Tuchan

Houseboat in Cornwall

Bike Art Germany

Rooftop studio

Big Birds of Lamorna

Le Violon Vert

La Fanfarfelue

Atelier Artpunch