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Bike Art 2000 Afrika


Eva was born in Oslo in 1975. There she attended a drawing school for two years, then an experimental, alternative High School (“Forsoks-gymnaset”); and then she developed her performance skills at “Nordic Black Theatre School”.

She lived for four years in a cultural squat called “Volapuk”, where she got to know a lot of interesting artists from all over the world, including her future husband Marco Grieser. She joined him in Nairobi in Kenya in the year 2000, where they organised BIKE ART AFRIKA together. This was an artistic project where they and 3 local artists cycled from Nairobi to Dar-Es-Salaam (Tanzania).

They worked together with the National Museum, and the Nyumba Ya Sanaa (House of Art).

After their return they opened Galerie Lebenskunst (near Munich) together with Marco’s brother Roland.

In 2002 Eva and Marco were walking with a mule in the Andes (in Ecuador) for a few months (always with sketch books and musical instruments in their bags). Eva joined a pottery-course in a small village up in the mountains where the women in the village taught her an ancient way of making pots.

This experience inspired her to take a degree in studio pottery at Falmouth College of Arts in Cornwall (GB). They bought a house-boat and lived on the river whilst she was at college.

The couple are now based in the South of France, in the foothills of the Pyrenees.

In July 2008 they opened Atelier ArtBonBon in their house near Perpignan.

Eva is now making pots with shapes heavily influenced by their adventurous visits to South America and Africa. Her travels have enabled her to compare lifestyles in different parts of the world, and many stories have developed that she now decorates on to the pots in form of comic strips, impersonated by Brian,  or in the shape of open-minded vases.

Aventura Artistica Ecuador

Galerie Lebenskunst


2002-2005    Studio Ceramics BA Hons, Falmouth College of Arts, UK

1998-2000    Nordic Black Theatre School, Oslo, Norway

1993-96        Allmennfag, Forsoeksgymnaset i Oslo, Norway

1992-93        Tegning Form of Farge VK1, Hartvig Nissen Videregaaende Skole, Norway

1991-92        Tegning, Form og Farge Grunnkurs, Ulsrud Videregaaende Skole, Norway


2008        Opening of Atelier ArtBonBon, Tuchan, France

                In guter Hoffnung, Galerie Lebenskunst, Munich, Germany

2007        Birds and pots, Galerie Lebenskunst, Munich, Germany

2006        Brian Pots, Open Studios, Cornwall, GB

2005        Brian Pots, New Designers, London, GB


                Feathermen, Columbia Road Gallery, London,GB

                Various exhibitions, Falmouth Art Centre, Cornwall, GB

2004        Fatmen on Springs, Mavericks Cafe, Falmouth, Cornwall, GB

2002        Paintings and photos, Galerie Lebenskunst, Munich, Germany

2001        Metal sculpture and photos, Galerie Lebenskunst, Munich, Germany


2008            Opening ‘Atelier ArtBonBon’, Tuchan, France

2006            Assisting ceramic course ‘Skills for Self Reliance’ run by Lucy Gamblin, Cornwall, UK

2004-2007   Co-founding of folk band ‘Splouf!’ Various gigs (from pubs to the Eden Project),            

                    Cornwall, UK

2002            Co-Organizer of ‘Aventura Artistica’, walking with a mule from

                    Cuenca to Quito, Ecuador

2001            Helping to open a gallery, Galerie Lebenskunst, Munich, Germany

2000            Co-Organizer of ‘Bike Art Africa 2000’, Kenya and Tanzania               

1996-2000   Living in ‘Volapuk’ art centre. Helping to organize cultural events, Oslo, Norway

1997            Organizer of ‘Kultur Krash for Kosovo’, a benefit  gig for the victims in Kosovo,

                    Oslo, Norway


Atishoo Designs, Cornwall, UK

Gallery 49, Falmouth, UK

Mullion Gallery, Cornwall, UK

Galerie Lebenskunst, Munich, Germany

Atelier Artbonbon, Tuchan, France

Houseboat in Cornwall


Bike Art Afrika