How to buy / Comment acheter

If you see a piece of work on our website that you would like to buy or simply find out more about then please contact us by e-mail


e-mail is the easiest way to contact us.

We will answer as soon as possible.

Phone (France):  0033 (0)6 01 87 03 97

Please feel free to phone us, or leave a message.

We will call you back.

Or contact us through Facebook, or Instagram

Prices and sizes

All paintings and sculptures have their size and prices printed underneath the image. This includes VAT and in some cases the postage.

Please note all prices are in Euro.

Postage and Packaging

Paintings and Ceramic Sculptures

We can send most paintings anywhere within Europe. Postage and packaging for Europe deliveries is in most cases free. Please contact us for details.

Payment details

You can pay through Paypal or by bank transfer.

Please do not e-mail credit/debit card information.

How to buy / Comment acheter
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